Battle to prevent COVID-19

With WHO declaring COVID-19 pandemic, we reached out to several elders from India to learn about their ancestral tips to maintain respiratory hygiene.

The following are their suggestions!

  • “Everyday when I brush my teeth with neem twigs, I do gargle with salt warm water”. I haven’t gotten flu in several years!
  • “I add a pinch of black pepper powder to my morning tea’s”
  • “Whenever we went outside to work or play, my great grand mother always said to wash legs and hands before entering the home. So I ended up washing 5-6 times a day!”
  • “In winters, my parents made me and my brother to inhale steam every night before going to bed, irrespective of whether we had a running nose or not”
  • “Drinking spicy Rasam’s were a must at noons along with the typical rice and sambar”
  • “Eating 1 green chilli by removing its seeds everyday along with a meal was a compulsory side dish”
  • “We were supposed to take head bath’s in the mornings and dry our head in the sun. My mother never encouraged taking head bath even with warm water at night”

When we researched more on all their suggestions, we were awestruck to find out that their routines will help people main respiratory hygiene.

In today’s modern world you get started by adding the following to your routine:

  • Gargle with salt water (warm) as soon as you return home from – school, work, shopping, playing etc
  • Add a pinch of black pepper powder to any one meal of the day
  • Before sleeping, gargle with salt water and inhale steam.
  • Wash your hands and feet as soon as you enter home from outside.

Adding the above “DO’s” to our routine may not prevent COVID-19 entirely. However, they are effective in preventing cold, cough and even throat infections! Few of our Aarogya volunteers have tried all the above tips and noticed that they too haven’t had a running nose and throat infections since a year! So why not learn from the elders and spread this knowledge to all?

Image Credits: Google Images